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a little breather

moving chaos
fresh magazines
the amazing work of Heather Betts
Street art in Melbourne
My lovely friend Alison sugested I put down the packing tape, step away from the brown boxes and join her for a quick coffee and a trip to the city to see a wonderful exhibition. I am so glad I did - it was great to get out of the house and away from the chaos of moving. Heather Bett's exhibition was hugely inspiring and gave the urge to get my paints out - which will have to wait until I have unpacked them in my new studio. We also popped over to Mag Nation where I picked up a fresh pile of magazines, I spotted some great wall art and breathed in the pulse of the city one more time before heading out to the more tranquil surrounds of the bush. A refreshing break but now I have to get back to those boxes...sigh. P x

home featured in Herald Sun Home magazine

I was rather flattered to have my rental home featured in the Herald Sun Home magazine - even if the shoot was done over 8 months ago! The interview was very nicely written and the photographs looked great, it is funny that it came out a week before we move out of this house! We have beavering away at our new place and I hope to put up some before and after shots soon. Very excited about it all. I may be a little scarce this week as I still have piles of piles to sort out before the actual move on Friday. Yikes! P x

inspiration - Lucy May Schofield

These wonderful images belong to a very talented lady - a writer and artist (I am always amazed by people who have both these gifts) Lucy May Schofield. Lucy makes books to house her stories, you can view more of her inspiring work at her lovely website, flickr stream, blog and shop. Happy weekend to you all! Paula x

yee haw!

I do love a bit of beautiful type setting and these hand printed prints from yeehaw on etsy are just too good - I may need to get some for my new home (you never know the 'carve that possum' may keep our nosy possum out!)

Finders Keepers feature of my creative space

It was thrilling to stumble upon the interview and images of my studio on the Finders Keepers blog today. The photographs were taken by the lovely Mishy Lane. It is interesting to see what catches someone else's attention in my organized chaos. I love the shots Mishy took of my pin boards - there is one with an old polaroid of me as a little girl holding my big fat Persian cat- Sweet William, our namesake and another faded photograph of Shelley (my sister) and I on the beach when we are little with a South African stamp pinned onto it. The black ink drawings on brown paper are ongoing projects from art class and there are little messy piles of our paper doll Camille all over the place. They are little details but they very much make up what my studio is all about. You can read the full interview here if you like. Have a nice day everyone. P x

the messy reality

A picture of my girl's room today
Lovely Mollie Makes magazine
the spread of my girl's room in Mollie Makes magazine
more lovelyness in Mollie Makes
More real mess in my house - hee hee!

Work in progress in my studio
Hello lovely blog readers.Yesterday I received my copy of Molly Makes magazine in the post (it takes a while for things to get to Australia) and I was very pleased with the feature of my home in such a lovely magazine, I even shed a tear (not sure why - hormones?) and was flattered to be amongst the pages of wonderfully creative woman such as Tif Fussel aka Dottie Angel and the like. But then reality set in, my rented home, which looked so calm and tidy in the magazine, is a complete shambles, with piles of 'to be sorted before we move' all over the place and endless clutter and mess. When I went to check on my freshly painted white floorboards in the new place (which were supposed to be drying for 24 hrs) I was horrified to find a possum had come down the chim…

pinterest board

I have been seeing lots of lovely inspiration for my new home on my web travels and have been saving the images in my 'for the home' board in pinterest, all links to the above images can be found here. It is freezing and raining in Melbourne today, I have a cold which I can't shift and which is not helping my long list of things to do....sometimes you just have to give into these things.

Art Class work

Once a week I go to an art class in the city at the VCA, where I am doing a drawing course. Drawing is my passion and I feel like I never have enough time to put everything aside and concentrate on my craft, thankfully doing this course has helped me do just that - a few hours of nothing else but the materials in front of me, time to be creative, no interruptions and plenty of inspiration. It will be challenging once we move for me to keep attending the class but I am determined. Here are some ink studies of mine of 'the city' done in my last class. Art class, in the middle of a busy week, is my oasis.

challenges of moving

Collections of mine that have survived the house move culling: pretty tins and things;
my silver trophies and vases;
lots of wooden crates;
and tea cups I just can't part with!
The start of our renovation.
Hi All. I have had an exciting and busy week. We started work on the mini renovation of the house we have bought in Warrandyte. It has all gone well so far but there is still a way to go. I have had to start the tedious task of chucking and woking out what exactly what we can take with us into this new space - it is smaller than the rented houses we have been in and so I have to be pretty ruthless! I have friends happy to take bits and pieces that I just can't fit in, otherwise a large pile is going to my local charity shop (where quite a lot of it came from in the first place!) But I find it hard to part with my junk - here are a few shots of things that I am keeping - too pretty to part with. Happy Friday to you all. Paula xx

Another Etsy Treasury

I had such fun creating one earlier today (see below) thought I would do another one - with a bit of a fable theme, links to etsy shops can be found here. P x

Etsy treasurey - mono tones

I do like creating treasurys on Etsy (a way of show casing etsy shops you like in one screen) but they take a little time to do. Here is one I created earlier today, incorporating vintage imagery in mono tones, all links to the shops can be found here, where you can leave a comment about what you think of my treasury and I think the popular ones make it to etsy front page...not sure...oh well quite good fun to do and always great to discover new shops on etsy.