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We are having a little break from now until 12th January 2010. Thank you for all your lovely support, this has been a wonderful year for us at Sweet William, we have had piles of fun and we have more in store for next year. We hope the festive season is a good one for you, full of love, peace and hope.Until next year then - Shelley , Paula and Jeanine xxxxx
I found this lovely new blog Thatch and Burrow and discovered a clip of Nathalie Lete painting a mural - and you know how we love this Parisian's work....


I went to see an installation entitled 'Tchusse' at the Gorker Gallery in Fitzroy by the very young and talented Miso. If you live in Melbourne it is defiantly worth a visit. Miso gave a talk on her inspiration and influence from the Ukraine (her home land) and all though by her own admittance she hangs around mostly with boys and doesn't even know many woman, I found her work to be very feminine and beautiful. It was full of textures, layers and emotion. All this at the tender age of 20. wow. I was so moved I actually bought my first piece of real art from an exhibition. And reminded myself that art matters.

market shots

As promised some shots of our cute little stall that won us 'best visual dispaly' at Magnolia Square Brighton. (sorry images have come out pretty small - you can click on the image to get a better view if you like) We had loads of fun. We heart markets!

a house full of girls

Sorry about the lack of blogging over the last few days but we have had our hands full! The market went down a storm and out little Sweet William stand won Best Stall for visual display, we were pleased as punch, hurrah for us!! We will load some images as soon as we have them all organised. In the mean here's a shot of a funny collection of little dolls I have in my house at the moment - it symbolises the fact that we have a house full of girls - my three, Shelley and her two. Phew, girly girls all round.

magnolia square market -Brighton

We have been preparing ourselves for Magnolia Square Market - hence the lack of blogging for a few days - we are very excited! All three of us are together, Shelly, Paula and Jeanine, we have been busy, busy, busy and are thrilled with our collection of handmade goodness - here is a sneak peak. If you are in Melbourne, please pop in and say Hi - Magnolia Square Market, Brighton Town Hall Thursday the 3rd to Saturday 5th Dec.