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Loving all things Tribal and Folk inspired

I am completely in love with all things tribal at the moment. Actually I think I have always loved all things tribal. I love pattern and colour, anything hand made, all things craft and folk and so it is easy for me to embrace the trend for all things tribal that is evolving at the moment. I was very excited about the new range by Spider and Lily at Magnolia Square and bought a beautiful Suzani inspired cushion from them as well as a cute little purse with a fantastic colourful keyring toggle thingy. I have also recently indulged some beautiful gypsy inspired jewellery from Banjara. Both of these brands will be at Magnolia Square along with myself from May the 3rd until May the 5th at Malvern Town Hall. The links to the beautiful tribal inspired imagery can be found on my pinterest board here.

Colour Crush - Salmon Pink

Colour can have such an effect on ones mood. I need a bit of calmness after a few, fairly crazy and chaotic couple days (house training a puppy, gearing up and doing an amazing huge craft fair, entertaining house guests, dealing with vomiting kids, trying to do some new creative work and a LOT of laundry- due to puppy and sick kids -that won't dry in the rain...) Sigh. Salmon pink is so pretty and I think very calming. All the links to these images can be found on my pinterest boards here. I am starting to feel a little calmer alredy : )

Sweet William at Finders Keepers this weekend

Gosh it has been crazy busy around here! I have had house guests, the kids going back to school, on line orders, whole sale orders, a shoot in my house and I am busy getting ready for the next Finders Keepers Market which is this Friday evening and all day Saturday at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton. It has been a whole year since the last Finders Keepers was in Melbourne and I know it will definitely be worth the wait. This is a very well curated market with all sorts of amazing stall holders and some major eye candy. If you are in the area do pop in and say hi, have a look at our new cards and prints as well all that this amazing indie craft market has to offer.

A little obsessed with blue

Close up of my fireplace in the living room with new blue wall
 The living room with new blue wall
 One of my prints on the lovely turquoise back drop
 My market display above and me at my table at Magnolia Square market below
I have been collection blue images in my pinterest board for a while now and I posted about it here. At last I had a chance to get my paws on some blue paint and have been painting almost everything around me blue! I started with redoing my backdrop which I use for the design markets - I  painted one half in a rich turquoise and the other half got a new lick of blackboard paint. I love the gold frames on the turquoise, some colours are just made to be together. Then on the weekend I decided to paint our living room wall in a dove egg blue - or there abouts, I mixed it myself, with the left over turquoise, some ink  and some white wall paint I had lying around... I was quite pleased with the result!
This is gorgeous and the music of Andrew Belle is lovely too - I have just downloaded the album!  Enjoy....

Happy Easter everyone!

Every year I sit down with my kids and decorate Easter eggs, we have great fun with ink, dye and glitter and paint - there are lots of broken eggs and a general happy mess. I love those little traditions that we hang onto - it is some thing I did with my Mum when growing up. Happy Easter to you all! P.s this is not a picture of our hand painted eggs...the source of the image is from here.