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mood boards

I love making mood boards. My brother and his lovely wife are working on a very exciting project so I threw these mood boards together for them to get their creative juices flowing. Images all from all over - torn out of mags and scanned in from books, etc., lots of fun!

wahoo - etsy front page for little camille!

new work - new challenges

A web banner done for photographer - Janna Beecher (web site still in construction)
'wondering off into the unknown' for the department of Education and Training, Queensland.

I have been busy lately with a few commissioned pieces - which have been fun. I always enjoy the challenge of interpreting a client's brief. I have also started my part-time drawing course in the evenings - which has been wonderful, we are doing three weeks of life drawing, very challenging but good. Our lecturer last night was chatting to us about being relaxed yet totally focused - which to me was the biggest challenge of all.

wow wee

I am loving this incredible loft apartment in Amsterdam - the whole industrial feel, open space and beautiful white light appeals to me so much. Ahhh a woman can dream can't she?...maybe one day...Link to the original post here.


Hello lovelies, sorry about the lack of blogging this week, I have had my hands full with my youngest little one very ill with pneumonia, thankfully we caught it early and she is now on the mend. I was also flying solo as my husband was out of town for the week, ah well should all improve over the next few days. Here are some nice images to feast your eyes on from my flicker fav's - please click here for the links.

lovely love

I bought this lovely love print for my love and our home from Claudia Pearson on etsy as a fund raiser for people affected by the earth quake in Haiti. Can't wait to frame it and hang it in our home.

my precious

Any day that give us a chance to spread a little more love is a great day as far as I'm concerned. So HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!
As you know, I've been living in the rough for the last few weeks having moved onto a property with few amenities - (the generator is running as I type!) But, there is a diamond in the rough, my sweet man, Jeremy. He is an absolute rock in my life! The card I picked up at a really cute shop called Swonderful in Wellington City and the card is from fellow Wellingtonian, Katydid Paper goods - cute little gocco print cards.
Hope you all got to give, or receive, some extra cuddles today.... x Shelley

color crush - mustard

This is a colour that I can't wear, makes me look ill, but I do appreciate it anyway! From the top: My bead spread an image form my flicker stream; 1960's art deco print dress by small earth vintage; coffee mug with typewriter form elsa+sam; lovely frame and daffodils from dottie angel.

a collection of collections

I am a collector of note. Here are some very beautiful collections I have spotted recently on my travels through cyber space. The first two (from the bottom up) are from the amazing artist and photographer - Maurizio Pellegrin. And the other three from the flicker stream of Camilla Engman another hugely talented artist. So beautiful - sigh - I am off to do some more collecting.

sweet little red

I love this gorgeous print which has been part of my paper collection for a while and is now available in our vintage etsy shop called billys. The illustrations are so cute and the colour is amazing. Part of the reason for starting Billys is so that we can keep on collecting lovely old vintage paper goods! I just can't help myself.

cute etsy find

We bought some stickers recently from the very cute shop 66 on etsy. The artist who owns the shop also has an amazing collection of kitchy cool dolls and and sorts of things which you can see on her flicker stream, here.