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beautiful shots from Gurdrun Sjoden

We don't put much fashion on this blog as it mostly about art and craft and inspiration for home decor but I thought these shots were pretty special - I love the fact that they have used normal looking models, older ones too. You can have a look at their lovely inspirational website here.

beautiful colours

The weather on this side of the world is getting chillier, the sky greyer and I find my eye turns to more moody colors for inspiration. Found these shots from an online shop called Emery et Cie.

Some design work

I mentioned in an earlier post that my brother and his wife have started a cafe in Ireland. They asked me to have a look at the branding and although I don't really do graphic design any more I did enjoy working on this for them. You can check out their face book page here. While I am on that that topic I have started a Sweet William Face Book page too and you can view it here.

Inspiration - Amy Butler's Studio

Wow beautiful, all color co-ordinated in some of my favorite colors- see more of Amy Butlers beautiful studio here.


One of the things that I love about art is that it is a continuos journey. There is always more to learn and so much to experiment with and discover. I have been attending a drawing class once a week at Melbourne University. Although it is a drawing class we have been working in all sorts of mediums from collage to water color- this has taught me so much about drawing. Here is a shot of some of my water color studies of people, ahh so much more to learn.

dressing table

My old dressing table is a nice little surface to play with and as they all say, 'a change is as good as a holiday' so if I am feeling a little bored with they way things are looking in my room, I just change the arrangement of a few things and that seems to do the trick. These objects are mostly all recent gifts from friends and family. Clever Shelley made the embroidered cubic necklace which I love.

Kawaii Cute Japanese Flat Pen Case - Tree and Bird


big size envelope template

big size envelope template, originally uploaded by cottonblue. Found some lovely things while looking around flicker, these lovely japanese products can be found at: yozo craft. Happy looking!

I heart old things

studio computer corner
latest vintage finds
more lovely vintage tins for my kitchen
so pleased with mr cat head vase
tidy desktop study/studio
tidy studio
my two younger girl's room
My spring (actually Autumn) cleaning continued over the holidays. I managed to sort out my girls room, and my studio (pictured above) while my husband tackled the garage. But I also managed to accumulate a few more vintage finds and I have come to the realisation that I just love old things and can't help myself from collecting. My recent finds being the cat head vase, more tins for the kitchen, a pretty pile of gloves, tapestry purse, 1932 handwritten recipe book and paper rose stickers. Ahh what lovely finds, now where to put them all??

beautiful work

Love this work by Sanna Annukka. I love the simple clean graphics and the folksy feel to it all. Have a look at her lovely online shop here.

spring cleaning in autumn

In the Southern Hemisphere we are heading into Autumn but my home was still in need of a major Spring clean. Tricky when you are a bit of a hoarder and collector like me. Some things went but many things stayed and just had to be dusted - a small price to pay for collecting. Here are some of my newish vintage finds. A 1952 Royal visit to Australia tin; old wire spools, red dorcas pin tin and lovely vintage books. I do struggle with de cluttering.

Brotherly love from big sis too!

Paula contributed the art work for Myles and Janes new cafe, (see post below) so I asked them what I could contribute - and got sucker punched! Myles asked me for 20 egg cosies - or egg "beanies" as he put it. The two have put egg with toast soldiers on their new menu, and they wanted little hats for the eggs as they sit in kwerky egg cups. So - I'm knitting away - 5 down - 15 to go! The lovely sock yarn is from my friend Tash of Knitsch yarns- who also taught me to knit in the round.
x Shells

Brotherly love

Our clever brother Myles and his lovely wife Jane have just opened a cafe in a seaside village called Strandhill in Ireland. They asked if they could use one of my images for an ad they ran, which we all thought turned out pretty well. All the best Myles and Jane, hurrah for you two! If anyone is around that neck of the woods, pop in and say Hi, my brother Myles is a very friendly person, a fantastic chef and he bakes wonderful cakes : )

Happy Easter

Hope everyone has a peaceful and joyfull Easter break.Lovely wire bunny found here. Paula x