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Interior design eye candy


lots of lovely cards promo

We are doing a bit of a promotion on our cards in our Etsy shop. You can buy them separately (only $5 each) or in bundles of 3 and 6 and when you buy them in bundles you get some lovely discounts! We love cards - receiving and sending them. Nothing better than receiving a hand written card from a loved one. Cards are one of the few items that just can't really be replaced by a digital equivalent. Happy card giving and Friday to you all! Paula x

random shots

'Sail the high seas' art print set up for sale in our etsy shop
Junk shop finds - glass bottles in a rusty crate
some of my work from art class
Ink studies for art class
Collage for art class
Bottles on my windowsill
A little sweet shop my kids made on the pink table - too cute not to share
While I am supposed to be de cluttering the house in preparation for our next move I find I am procrastinating and doing other things like de cluttering my photos folder...anyway I found these pretty random shots which I may or may not have shared on the blog before and felt like posting them....sigh, now that I have done that I will have to face the real jobs at hand.

My daughters 9th birthday party

My daughter Lia, me and pavlova cake!
Rosie, Liberty (waitresses), Lia and her friend Celina
Dinner party invite Lia drew herself (I helped with the typesetting that all)
Table setting for 18 young girls
Table setting details
Party bags
Lia with her two younger sisters dressed as waitresses
We had such fun on the weekend preparing for and hosting my daughters 9th birthday party. Lia had a dinner party for 15 of her girlfriends! It was a whole family affair; Lia designed the invites, planned the menu and approved the setting; her two younger sisters were waitresses; my husband was the chef and I was the stylist. We had tea lights all over the place, made place settings and did our own party bags while my husband cooked up a storm in the kitchen. I took a few snaps of the lovely set up but unfortunately didn't take many of the party itself as I had my hands full with a bunch of girls (9yrs and under) dancing, laughing, eating, screaming, giggling and running through my house! Piles of fun …

Home feature in new UK mag - Mollie Makes

I received a face book message from an old South African school friend, who now lives in the UK, (whom I haven't seen for about 15 years!) she picked up a new craft magazine and was most surprised to see a home feature of my home in Australia - it is a small world really! Mollie Makes looks lovely, I hope I can get a copy of it here in Melbourne!

beautiful random sayings

Here are a few pretty sayings I have found on my internet travels. From the top: Share the love print from dazeychick on etsy; you are so loved print from Jessica Swift on etsy; Hello letterpress card from luludee on etsy; it's beautiful here wire sign from ikhaya; try again banner from secret holiday ; my doodle of the great love saying by mother theresa; best things in life chalk art work by Dana Tanamachi as seen on grain edit; if you do what you always did found on ffffound. Okay but I had better give myself a pep talk - keep calm and carry on moving house!