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My home on Design*Sponge - wow wee!

Ok at last I can tell you all - my home featured on Design* Sponge Sneak Peak today! I was hugely flattered when Shannon emailed me awhile back asking if DS could do a feature on my humble, little, messy home. Then a whole lot of tidying up, phaffing around and photo shoots later -tada! My lovely friend Tigs helped out with the photographs and made my home look lovely. You can have a sneak peak yourselves right here. I am so pleased with the way it all tuned out and again so flattered to be on such an inspiring design site, thanks Shannon and the Design*Sponge team.

New work inspired by vintage lace

My grandmother, who lives in CapeTown, sends me the most wonderful parcels in the post. The latest one contained a vintage children's book and a few beautiful old lace collars. They are so pretty and delicate, apparently they were a status symbol - the more intricate your lace collars the more wealth you had. The lace inspired me to do some intricate line drawings which I then worked into a design for a print. I also had a flurry of pink and red paint in my studio and came up with this new work - inspired by indian wooden blocks, peonies and vintage floral patterns. These are all available in our etsy shop.

Eye Candy - inspirational images

Old ladies with dogs by artist Sarah Walton

Giant cross stitch image found on design blog Swiss Miss
Thread on paper drawings by Emily Barletta.
Stripes by N.Y artist and textile designer Luli Sanchez - beautiful
Great idea - hand dyed table linen image from Justina Blakenly
Love the fresh colours in the Kenzo Spring collection 2011
This cosy couch image is from 'I love cool things' blog
Beautiful image from tumblr


All images above are from around my home, images below from pinterest

I love having fresh flowers in my home, putting flowers into a fiting vase always lifts my spirits. Here are a few shots of flowers around my home and some images from my 'for the garden' board on pinterest. Happy monday to you all! P x

Some new work at last!

Eat well art print available in our etsy shop here
Tea and buns print available here and breakfast print available here

It has been a busy start to the new year, with all sorts of things happening. I was asked to work on some illustrations with a food theme (for a project that I can't disclose at the moment as it is still in progress). That inspired me to do some foody inspirational prints for shop. I have been on a bit of a health kick lately trying to detox myself after a pretty indulgent festive season and so these messages ring true for me - especially the tea and buns one, as they were on the forbidden list for a while and oh how I missed them! We can't live without tea and buns for too long now can we?

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Sweet William's Love art print in red

Shades of Gray

All links to images can be found at my pinterset for the home board here

An original etching by Fleurografie above

Vintage muffin pans by Ethanollie on etsy above
Silver gray maxi dress by MoonEuphoria on etsy
All links to images can be found at my pinterset for the home board here

Vintage glove mold by Ethonllie on etsy

I have always been drawn to colour and pattern but every now and then I yearn for a simpler colour palette, I feel the need to simplify and calm things down a little. Here is a collection of images I have been pouring over lately, all reflecting various shades of gray. There is something very serene about gray. Hmm I wonder if I am being pulled towards more tranquil colours as I get on in age... no even as I look back at these images I feel the need to add a little colour! Have a lovely weekend everyone, P x

Inspiration - Olaf Hajek

My Olaf print framed and above my computer desk, his beautiful book below

Over the weekend I had the fun job of restocking my studio and I came home with some lovely new paints and brushes. This inspired to do a bit of painting and I now have a few small canvases on the go. Whenever I start new work I like to page through a few books of artist who inspire me. One such artist is Olaf Hajek - his work is just so beautiful, I have his book 'Flowerhead' and a print of his that hangs above my desk. Here are a few of his very inspiring images, enjoy.

A New Season

Typo art print by Eine Der Guten etsy
Original collage by Selflesh on Etsy
Love no.1 print by Lolas Room (bought one for my home)
A beautiful paper cut by The Time Is Now on Etsy
Sweet William love is free print on Etsy
One minute pose by Gretchen Kelly
Tulle Bag by Bankeladen above and be present print by Groundwork below

My youngest daughter, Liberty, started school this morning. I had mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness for her and feelings of change and a bit of sadness, for me. It is a whole new season. Liberty was fine and I had to come home and do some ugly crying all by myself. Anyway it is also a whole new month - February is a good month, the month of love. I am not that into the commercial side of Valentine's day but do like the idea celebrating love. Here are few things that have caught my eye on Etsy recently. Happy Friday to you all! Paula x