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piles of inspiration - Emma Magenta

Hello lovelies! I am back from a bit of a mad rush weekend in Sydney. I had loads of fun at the Magnolia Square event, met lots of lovely new creative types, had wonderful support from Sydney shoppers and thoroughly enjoyed my first interstate event. The high light had to be meeting Emma Magenta, a hugely talented illustrator and artist who was at the event raising funds for the Mirabelle foundation and created wonderful little art works right on the spot. wow. At one point Emma was breast feeding her baby and scribbling at the same time, double wow. Here are some images of her work and the one she did for my three little girls as birds. ABC are currently running animations of Phillipa Finch, created by Emma and narated by Toni Collette. Take a peek it is all so lovely and hugely inspiring.

Holland Rd Yarn Company

While Paula is away in Sydney I thought I would pop in a little post about what I have been up to and my latest WIP. I recently went to the opening of a new shop. My lovely friend, Tash, has been working like a crazy thing to get her gorgeous yarn shop open in a very cute high street in Petone. The shop is called Holland Rd Yarn Company and is full of her yummy hand dyed sock yarns. I felt I couldn't go the opening without a project in mind - so I jumped on etsy and found a great set of patterns at Danger Craft. Meet Wasabi the Gregarious Pug and Napoleon the Nervous Narwhal!

Our new paper doll Camille and her lovely friend Valerie

When I was young my mum once made us each a life size paper doll! We lay down on a huge piece of cardboard, mum drew around us and then cut our dolls out. Shelley and I had hours of fun dressing our life size paper dolls and making accessories for them. At last I have bought our special girl Camille to life as a paper doll and she even has her best friend Valerie to play with. Available in our etsy shop now!
These girls love flowers, birdies, pretty things, making things and having fun. You can cut them out, make them up and have lots of fun too! Lovely to look at, play with or hang up on your wall. Each pack contains one sheet of high quality card and enough paper fasteners to make two dolls. A fun craft project for girls aged 3 to 103. Watch out for more Camille dolls and her friends to come soon.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Paula xoxo

New work - wilderness

detail click to enlarge
This drawing was started on a camping trip out in the wilderness. There is nothing like getting out of the city every now and then and surrounding yourself with nature, I find it revives my soul. This is a pen and ink drawing to which paint, collage and texture have been added. This print is for sale in our etsy shop. Each print is a high quality Epson ink jet, using archival inks, on Epson A4 matte heavyweight, bright white card, which will be signed and dated. The actual artwork measures 8 x 10 inches. A white border will be left for framing.

Happy Valentines Day to you all!

Here are a few lovely messages to spread some love today! These gorgeous prints can all be found at: the keepcalm gallery. Hope you all have all a beautiful day. xoxo

Sweet William is off to Sydney!

Super excited as we have 2 weeks to go before heading off to Magnolia Square in Sydney! I will be going with my friend Manita who has a beautiful stall called earthtribe. This will be the first market Sweet William has done outside of Melbourne. Although a little daunting I suppose it is a natural progression for us and it will be so lovely to meet a whole lot of new people up in NSW. Magnolia Square is a fantastic boutique market offering all sorts of gorgeousness, they are offering free admission at the Sydney event for anyone who joins their mailing list which you can do here. Here is a link to Magnolia Square's beautiful look book. Happy Weekend to you all! Paula xox

tapestry and lace hankies

I have a bit of a tapestry collection - lovely old vintage finds from charity shops and trash & treasure markets. The big one on the back of my pink couch is my latest find - a beautiful recreation of 'Le champ de ble' by J.Constable. I love the fact that it is all done by hand, someone got so much pleasure out of doing it and now I can enjoy it in my home with the rest of my granny chic collection! Speaking of which my Gran sent me some beautiful hand stitched hankies and a lace collar from her collection all the way over from Cape Town (to Melbourne) for my birthday, thanks Gran, always lovely to get a special parcel in the post (no matter how old you are turning!) xox.


Feeling a bit busy at the moment- I am a single parent for a week as my other half is on the other half of the world for work, it's packed lunches and extra activities as the kids are all back at school and kindergarten, I have to make a whole lot of pretty huge de-scions about a whole lot of things things and I am finding it hard to focus on what it is I am actually supposed to be doing - phew! Anyway I thought a few lovely images incorporating nice calming blue would help:
Vintage Boiserie Series from Mulbury, Vivienne Westwood scribble orb cushion, pretty basin from mahna mahna, blue willow pattern illustration - Sweet William, numbers pillow case etsy, porcelain vase by samantha Robinson at MacPelican.

valentine inspiration

Well I am not sure about Valentine's day, it is a nice thought but hopefully we express our love for our lovies more than once a year! Anyway here is some inspiring imagery celebrating love. My intricate heart illustration which is available as an art print in our etsy shop and madeit (AU), garden birds paper cut etsy, vintage letter etsy, hand and heart art print etsy, you are my sunshine image from rue magazine, pop flower brooch
Another little thing, I am soo excited as the Herald Sun Newspaper are doing a feature of me and my illustration work in their Home magazine - wahooo, that will be out tomorrow! Happy weekend to you all! Paula xox

Super Market Sarah

I just love this! The idea, the way it is done and the stuff that is being sold. Super Market Sarah collects lots of lovely bits, puts them up on her wall, takes a photo, posts that on her web site and voila Super Market Sarah - you can buy what ever is on the wall! Clever girl. You can check it all out at

Our Camille in her own coloring in book!

Here is our special girl Camille, who has the power to do many amazing things in her very own coloring book! Camille dancing with the wind, swinging from trees, laughing, hugging elephants, flying with angels, floating in tea cups and much, much, more! This is a 16 page booklet full of fun and unique black and white illustrations by myself, Paula Mills, ready for you to color as you wish. Available to buy from our etsy shop here and made it shop here (AUS)