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fresh ideas

Images via Indenfor&Udenfor Gallery

Images via shootspaces - Mount Pleasant

Images via design sponge - home of Rob Brinson

I am still very much in New Year mode, kids are still on holidays, I haven't fully got into the swing of things yet and am looking for new inspiration for 2011. I am loving lots of white and a simpler color pallet with interesting vintage and industrial bits and pieces. Here are a few shots of beautiful and inspiring homes.

The gently unfurling sneak

Great name and great products! Love the wooden brooches. See more of their beautiful products here.

some lovely shots by my friend tiggy

It's handy having a friend who loves photography and takes such great images, you can see more of Tiggy's images in her flicker stream. Here are a few shots from around my home and of some our Sweet William products.

young fresh talent

Oh how I loveto be inspired - found this wonderful illustrator on my web travels - Victo Ngai, she is only 22, wow - such beautiful work at such a young age.


I am finding it a little hard to focus. The kids are still on holidays and I have so many things on my to do list but today I just felt like doing some major story behind them, just had the urge to doodle lots of hair and a spanish lady with a black I better get on with my to do list....

Nice way to start the New Year:

I just stumbled upon this feature of us over at Finders Keepers - such a lovely blog and web site, hoping to be part of more of their markets this year.

Happy New Year and some of my new finds...

We are back from a wonderful camping trip at the beach in Gippsland. Fun was had by all - lots of swimming, walking, eating, laughing and plenty of dirt! Nothing like camping to make you really value the creature comforts of home! Of course I managed to find a wonderful little junk shop out in the country and had to buy a few things for my comfortable home - a lovely old vintage map of Australia board game, vintage industrial lamp, gorgeous old rice bag, some kitchen scales, lovely tin numbers from an old bowling club and plenty of lovely wooden crates and I have put the things together with bits and pieces from South Africa and Britain - all places I have lived in and loved. Hope everyone had a restful break and are now feeling refreshed and ready for 2011 - should be good!