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Trash Palace and lovely finds

If you are ever in Wellington, NZ - Trash Palace is the place to go for a good thrifty scrounge. Helen and I decided to go on a recce on Thursday and i found some nice little bits. The orange and floral containers were in the free bin outside. The tea cups are for my craft stall, the hoop is for some more screen printing (after the love bunny turned out so great), some ribbon, fabric and always some old patterns - cos the graphics always make me laugh. Oh, and some nice old books to add to the paper stash - grand total: $8. aaah the satisfaction........

Hoola hoop print on a (lovely) pencil case

I have been so keen to try a bit of screen-printing - but its one of those processes that seem quite intimidating and not that easy to master. Plus, you just happen to need a screen or two lying around and an image lasered on it! However, I picked up somewhere on the net (as one does) that a simple little embroidery hoop will do for small, unsophisticated prints. So being the stitchy girl that I am, of course I had a hoop or two. With a touch of "ModgePodge" to block out the image and some textile paint - the process was almost a cinch! I used the back of a ruler as a squeegee. The print is a bit rough and I actually kind of like it that way (old school).

collage cards

I have been having some fun with collage and have enjoyed making cards with the endless collection of paper scraps that i have, collected over years - old and new bits from all over. I would be interested to know what people think of them.

Anatomically correct

I am totally in love with any old books that are about the human body. The graphics are always amazing. I think its from a childhood nostalgia. I remember there was a World Book Encyclopedia that showed the human body on clear pages so you could peel back the layers.

I found this great book at the local charity shop and my 8 year old daughter loves it!

Dominion post seedlings - a lovely find

Doing the (yawn, yawn) shopping recently, my day was boosted with a lovely little find. These seedling's all wrapped up in the local paper - the Dominion Post.

Apparently, Sweet Williams represent friendship in the floral world, which I think is a lovely sentiment to have sprouting in my garden. It will go along side some Lavender which is said to represent "grace". I have decided to plant them in here; ( the Lavender is still baby size and can't be seen yet)

our lovely lady

I had a bit of time to take some shots of one of our cushions before she went to live with someone in Sydney - I was quite pleased with the way they turned out. We are are so proud of our lovely ladies and hope they are blessing the new homes they settle in.

Africa time

Those from Africa (like ourselves) or those who have visited Africa, will know these two things - a) Africans have their own time that is very different to the rest of the worlds.
b) Africans have a great craft style - quirky and often done on the street corner to sell to the passing tourist.
This clock is made from a tuna can and some recycled metal - genius! I feel like I've been on Africa time at the moment as far as crafting goes - but I'm sure I'll get to it Now-Now!

etsy seller's meeting in melbourne

I went along to an etsy seller's meeting in Melbourne this past Sunday. It was great fun. I met loads of lovely ladies and we had great fun showing off all our lovely wears. I took along some prints and cards to 'show and tell'. Shelley has our softies in New Zealand, so I couldn't take any along but i did manage to put together a 'mood board' of what we sell at Sweet William and I was quite pleased with the way it came out.