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When it comes to making (and cleaning the house for that matter), I have to confess that I tend to be quite A.D.D (can you relate?). I get super excited about the project, I pull everything out, I start the prototype (which takes far longer than it should to make), it all gets a bit frustrating, distraction comes and that can be the death knell of whatever I'm working on. Stickability is the issue.

I read in Dr Mel Levin's "A Mind at a Time" that this hyper brain / brain fatigue is quite common amongst creatives. (so feel a tad less guilty about abandoned pieces)

When I start on a creative process - its hard to speculate about where it will end and if it will have any longevity. So somethings are complete one offs, and some things will get a chance to be re-interpreted several times. I don't know what gives the project its hold, perhaps its the challenge, the result or the new things learnt. What does give me focus, (and refocus) is the work of others - from blog h…

new illustration - insticnt

The theme at Illustration Friday this week is 'instinct'. My thought with the peacock is that we all have our own natural instinct when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. But as I was drawing it I realised that my natural instinct is to draw pretty that may have been the real reason for the peacock :)


Last night I was kept company at Craftstock market by the lovely Millie of Pink Paper Pinafore (hi Millie :-) ). She was very serene as she knitted away on a great piece for the Cuba Street Carnival. Its going to used for some outdoor tagging - organised by the outdoorknit crew.

So I got inspired to dig out my needles again - allthough Im not talking about extreme knitting here - nothing like this amazing piece:
Work by Carol Hummel
but just a little old scarf will do - and I like the sound of this one called the "Easy Mistake Stitch Scarf" which I found over at purlbee - Im hoping that a steady rhythm will get me into that clickity-clack mode and I can do it without looking- (well - one can always hope)

new illustration - a matter of time

The theme for IF this week was 'time'. Besides getting mine in, in the nick of time, (late on a friday.) The theme had me thinking... about how powerful time is - it heals, it is precious, everyone wants more. My little girl illo is about just that - how wonderful and powerful time is for each of us all on our own journeys.

Money for JAM

We all had some lovely market moments - even in the midst of excruciating heat in Melbourne. An extra special thing for me was to be able to have my brother, Myles and his wife, Jane selling along side me here in New Zealand.
They were visiting on an extended overseas trip. One of those round the world tickets doing all sorts of amazing things like hiking to Everest base camp, or eating too much curry in India. They had been touring the islands and had stopped off to say goodbye and to celebrate Myles birthday. I persuaded them to sell at the market with me and make a bit of cash to add to the ever dwindling funds. The garlands below are made from vintage books and sewn together very lovingly by Jane - we called them Money for Jam cos I call Jane and Myles JAM for short.


We are having a dual marketing weekend on both sides of the tasman.
I will be at Pataka gallery on Friday 6th from 10-3 - so if your in the area come and find us and say hello please!
and Paula will be at The Elwood Primary School Community Market, run by parent volunteers to raise funds for the school.

Lets hope for good weather, good crowds, and that nobody talks about our work right in front of us like we are a lamppost! (not that it happens often cos everyone is usually so lovely - but when it does happen, its a bit of a crafters grind )

block prints and felty goodness

For ages and ages we have been imagining our prints block mounted. However, the quotes and the prices we got interfered with our respiration for a few seconds ! We looked at other mounted art and schemed and planned. Now we have it - our own handmade block mounted prints - and we are very proud!

Felt is one of my absolutely favorite mediums - the matted, compressed nature of it is so friendly. A nice delivery from the post lady revealed this rainbow specially ordered from lupin a fantastic felt artist I really admire.