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folder, originally uploaded by paulamills. Made this the other day - a hand made Sweet William folder, part of a reader give away - filled with goodies from us at SW, we will post more details at a later date.

makin makin makin

Have been busy making cards and tags and things for market. - 3 weeks to go!

blog love

Just love this artwork by farouche, a lovely shop on Etsy - full of wonderful things. Christy also featured Sweet William on her inspirational blog - dandybreadandcandy, take a look.

artwork used on website

This is some art work I did for rock the stitch craft fair. The work was commisioned by Amanda. I thought it came out pretty well, the artwork will be used in posters and flyers too. Looks like it will be good, if you are a crafter in the area (florida) have a look.

work in progress now finished!

At last I have finished this mammoth job - I have been working on it for days, incorporating some of my drawings, hand drawn type and images from my old children's book collection, quite pleased with the final design. We are gearing up for Mathilda's Market in June , Shelley is coming out from New Zealand to help, should be good!

new illustration - laughter

A new Illustration done by myself. I think we could all do with catching a little laughter : ) I f you would like to buy a copy of this illustration you can do so here Australian buyers can shop here

random wonderful things

The other day I went to the market and bought a pair of harem pants (as you do) and this lovely old magnolia print -  from a funny little old man, who was surrounded by a beautiful clutter of dusty old things, who hardly seemed to noticed the world go by around him. Anyhow these purchases  made me feel very happy.

work in progress


In the mood for a little printing

I felt like printing today, so I though I would show you what I got up to.
First I took papers from an old book.

Then sewed them together to make a little bag

On some old frame glass I spread the ink - tacky is the consistency you want - it makes a lovely velcro sound as you roll back and forth.

Rolled onto the lino (a good tip is to roll in one direction only, so as to get an even spread)The best part is the print and reveal - a good even pressure will give nice results. I don't have a fancy press - just use my hand or an iron.Make the most of the wet paint and print onto lots of lovely things.


I collect vintage tins - here are some from my collection, I love them, can't get enough -  and I am of to the charity shop to see if I can find some more!

hand drawn type

I love hand drawn type - I feel it may be a reaction to all the years I had to spend perfecting typography as a graphic designer, all those fonts and type setting and so little time!  I now much prefer the looser feel of hand drawn, so much more character (oh dear there is a bad pun in there somewhere).