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Not just any Granny Chic

I love granny chic but not just any granny, I have a particular thing for Russian granny chic! I have always loved Russian fabrics and interiors, the tiny floral prints mixed in with folk and Catholic imagery. Painted wood, gaudy roses and faded icons. I had the amazing opportunity to travel in Russia (along time ago with my back pack) and absorb all the beautiful pattern and colour. I loved Russian dolls and Icons way before they become flavour of the month. I have collected imagery that reflects this infatuation to prove it  - I have an Oiliy brochure from 1995 (wow, now that is vintage) that was all art directed in a Russian style complete with Babushka Granny. I also have this beautiful book on Russian Textiles that I could pour over for hours, the colours, patterns and textures are just so beautiful. I am not 100% sure why I have this infatuation but I would welcome a Russian Granny into my home any day and I would ask her to bring me a floral handkerchief to tie under my chin!

It's wintery here

It is freezing cold, wet, grey and raining. We are all snuggled in doors with our woollen socks on and enjoying the open fire place. Here is a treasury created for Etsy, featuring plenty of Australian sellers, links to all products here. Hope you are warm, where ever you are! P x

oh I do love a pom pom!

I have a pom pom crush at the moment - they make me smile and I swoon when I see them! My girls love making them too and today I decided to make a little pom pom garland of my own, which I hung above my bed.  The rest of the images are ones that I have pinned to my 'craft love' board over at pinterest which you can view here. Happy pom poms to you all! P x

Mustard yellow - so hot right now!

We love a bit of hot mustard! These beautiful posters above can be found at Landland here. The first image is a treasury we created on etsy in mustard yellow which can be viewed here.

20% off Sweet William prints for one week only

Sweet William is offering a wonderful deal of 20% off all the listed prints over at Hard to Find and free shipping within Australia! Wahoo - the deal is only on for a week - with 4 working days left...enjoy!

We love all things Queeny!

I lived in London for 8 years, my first two daughters were born there and I hold a British passport. I don't consider my self to be British but I do have very strong ties and a soft spot for the UK. All the Diamond Jubilee celebrations on the telly have made me feel a little nostalgic for Old Blighty. I had a look around my house and was amazed to find that I have quite a royal collection! I have my old vintage Union Jack flag out and all my Queeny bits and pieces to make me feel part of the celebrations happening on the other side of the world. Happy Diamond Jubilee everyone and enjoy the festivities! P xxx