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Pia Jane in Melbourne at Magnolia Square

I have long admired the work of stylist, photographer and author Pia Jane Bijerk, who divides her time between Sydney, Paris and a house boat in Amsterdam and so I am super excited to know that Pia will be at Magnolia Square on Saturday for a book signing of her new book called 'my heart wanders'. Sweet William will be at Magnolia Square from Thursday the 28 until Saturday the 30th at Malvern Town Hall in Melbourne. I better get on, after a lovely restful Easter break I now have piles of work to do!

New work - ink and collage studies

I am pretty excited about this new work I have been working on. I have been doing collage at the VCA drawing course and we have also continued to work in ink. Here are some shots of my work bench and some bits of pieces I have been working on. I just need some more studio time to carry on with it all but it is school holidays, Easter etc. etc. and so once again I find a need to balance it all, sometimes I wish could loose myself for a few hours (or days!) just doing creative work...

Sweet William stall set up

Me in Our Sweet William stall at Magnolia Square in Sydney earlier this year

I am gearing up for a whole string of markets again soon and I am rethinking the stall set up. I do love the way our stall looks at the moment but I feel like a change, I only ever let the stall look the same for a bout 3 markets and then it's time for change. These shots were taken by a lovely photographer, Katie Preece, in Sydney when I was up there a while ago. Hmmm what to do next...

monotone palette

I do love a bit of colour and pattern but occasionally I see a beautifully styled monotone palette and wonder - could I? Could I? I always come to the conclusion that although it is nice to look at and all the white is like a breath of fresh air, I am a person who needs colour. I am enjoying all the neutral tones that are around at the moment but would find it hard to live in an all white or monotoned space. Even so here is a beautiful shop called TheOldRedHen on etsy who have the whole monotone thing sorted - such lovely pieces and so beautifully photographed, enjoy.

shades of pretty pinks

We are enjoying the last days of sunshine here in Melbourne with beautifully sunny, autumn days. Everything looks and feels pretty in the sunshine so I thought I would do a pretty shades of pink post to celebrate! Links to these images can be found here in my flikr favorites. Except for the second image which from etsy. Enjoy. P xox

ink studies

I am thoroughly enjoying the part time art course I am doing at the VCA. We have recently done some ink studies and I have fallen in love with the medium. Here are a few images of my work and and some wonderfully inspiring pieces from artists that I like to follow. The first two images (from the bottom up) are mine, the geometric studies are from Restless Things on etsy; the next three images are by my very talented friend Alison McNabney-Stevens and then two by Penelope Dullaghan. I am going to get on with some more ink drawing today. Happy Friday to you all. P xox