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new work -hand drawn type 5x7 prints

I do love creating hand drawn type and I have had these little illustrations on the go for a while now. I have been pretty busy lately but at last found the time to finish them off and post them onto our etsy shop. We will be selling these new 5x7 prints for the first time at the Sisters Market next Saturday in Brunswick, Melbourne. If you are around and not watching the footy final, do pop in and say hello. Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend, P x

mad paper love!

piles of paper that we collect
paper packs available to buy in our etsy shop
my collection of old stamps and labels

lovely old childrens scrap book

vintage labels

This old book is full of the lovely old rubbings

Our love for vintage paper runs long and deep, Shelley and I are endlessly rummaging through second hand book shops, markets, thrift shops, charity shops, garage sales - in search for beautiful old paper treasures. Here are some shots of a few of my recent finds - scrap books full of old rubbings and old lick and stick stickers and some lovely vintage labels. While I do use some vintage paper in my artwork and collages, the paper collecting is getting a little out of hand but there is no way we are giving up the search for more paper goodness - the solution: we transform our finds into these exciting packages - filled to the brim with paper goodness, and sell them in our etsy shop and markets. The next market I am doing in Melbourne is the Sisters Market, on the 1st of October at Br…

Flea market finds and collections

My vintage glass jar collection above and below

A  lovely cup to add to my Royalty collection
 New finds - porcelaine dolls head and more vintage wooden rulers

As mentioned in my previous post, I went off to Camberwell market on the weekend, which was completely rained out but I did mange to pick up one or two lovely pieces to add to my flea market find collections. I am loving old glass bottles at the moment and vintage rulers. I also picked up the porcelain dolls head - which I love for it's cute creepiness! Plus the Queeny cup, which looks great in my bathroom. I go through phases of collecting things - there is some thing strangely satisfying about putting groups of similar objects together...does any one else like to collect? What do you collect? I suppose it was a good thing Camberwell market was rained out as I may have come home with a lot more!

I need some Spring!

My daughter Liberty with tiny blossom
daffs at local farmers market

Me buying plants for our garden and home

At home with lovely proteas - amongst t.v remote and barbie dolls!
Forgive me for posting about the weather but we have had some very cold and wet days here in Melbourne and I am longing for a season change! I was disappointed yesterday when I headed out to Camberwell Market, got rained on only to find half of the stall holders managed to brave the wet weather (I still found a few lovely pieces, which I blog about on another day!). In the need of some Spring cheer, I found these lovely shots that my husband took 2 weeks ago, of our trip to the local farmers market and some flower decorating at home. Here is hoping Spring is just around the corner!

inspirational images from pinterest

All the links to these beautiful images can be found here - my inspirational board on pinterest. Wow-wee!

Happy Spring Day!

'She loves Spring' art print available in our etsy shop
Some flowers at home - a lovely gift for me
Blossoms in our neighborhood
A pretty art print purchased from Cori Dantini on etsy
A pretty card from vince
pretty spring birdy images in my studio
One of my favorite quotes by Emma Goldman

Spring in my garden above and in my studio below

On this side of the world the first of September means Spring! Yippeeee! I love Spring, the flowers and the birds are out in full force today - I wonder if they know? Here are a few very pretty Spring images that I coudln't help snapping on my phone with instagram. Happy Spring Day to everyone in the Southern Hemisphere! P xxx