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My Home in the Sunday Life Magazine

I was fortunate to have my home featured in the Sunday Life magazine this weekend! You can have a look at the whole story here. Story by Heather Nette King and Photos by Armelle Habib.

A fresh new start for 2014

I love my home and I am house proud but keeping things tidy is not one of my strengths. House work is an ongoing challenge for me. I felt it would be a good idea to face the New Year with a tidy home and embrace my my New Year's resolution of ' no excuses' so, I decided to spend a few days sorting things out. " Put away, give away or throw away" was my mantra. I have managed to sort out half the house so far and will continue with the rest of it over the school holidays. I already feel so much better for having spent some time getting things in order. Although it is pretty boring way to start the New Year, it an immensely satisfying one. I wonder how long the tidy home will last though...? Here are some of my Instagram shots, tracking my progress.