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New illustration-early

Camille felt most alive when she was up early.
Illustration Friday 's prompt this week was 'early', although I got my illo. in rather late : ) This print will be available in our etsy shop soon. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


We are very pleased to announce that we are exhibiting our work on papernstich a lovely and fantastic on line gallery:"papernstitch is a curated, online exhibition space that was created to promote talented artists, designers, and makers selling handmade items. we search high and low for the best quality goods so you don't have to!"
The wonderful work of Donna McKenzie from corelladesign caught my eye - love the pugs, bears and owls. Oh Happy Days!

paper love

I love collage and all things papery and I especially love the work of this very talented etsy artist, - Esther Ramirez. I bought some lovely goodies form her shop recently, it is all so delicate and wonderful.

to clutter or not to clutter

I am moving (again - we move a lot) and I am faced once again with the thought of maybe having a huge chuck out as I have quite a lot of stuff - I collect, I op shop, I craft, I paint, I draw and I have three very girly girls who collect, draw, paint etc., etc. so there is a lot of STUFF in our house which I now have to pack into boxes and move to another house and un pack all over again. But then I stumbled upon the lovely home of Casper James, featured on boboho - now that is a lot of wonderful stuff! Casper also has an amazing flicker stream which you can see here.


Couldn't resist this lovely little illo. by Gemma Correll, found on her wonderful flicker stream. Shelley has a little black pug, called Salty who is very cute but boy am I glad we don't greet each other like dogs do : )

Decor 8!

Holly over at Decor8 - which is such an amazing blog - did this lovely feature on us on Friday, what a lovely surprise! Shelley and I are so flattered.

Knit up for my baby bro

As mentioned before, my baby brother has opened a cafe in Strandhill, Ireland. Boy, this is when I feel the distance - an almost two day flight to get from here to there is a bit off putting - but I would go in a heartbeat if I won the lotto. They are gearing up for their grand opening soon - and I knitted them this wee sign to hang in the door (of course the other side says "Closed") I'm not the worlds best knitter - but beauty is in the crooked line they say.
Has anyone else got their needles out?
x Shelley


I have just got back from a lovely weekend with some girlfriends down at the beach. We chatted, ate, relaxed in front of the fire, walked on the beach and slept in. I went for an amazing long run and enjoyed some time of solitude, I now feel refreshed in mind body and soul, ready for life back in the city. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend too. This illustration of mine called 'welcome' captures how I feel.

posty love

Just got this in the post today - all beautifully packaged, love it! Wonderful cards from an amazing illustrator called Anke Weckmann who has an awesome Etsy shop, check it out here.

Leap - Print - by sweetwilliam on madeit

Leap - Print - by sweetwilliam on madeit and Etsy. Don't you think one of the most rewarding things to do in life is to take a LEAP in faith?

procrastinating problems and pretty prints

I have quite a long to do list at the moment and not much spare time. I find I am having a huge problem with procrastination...instead of getting on with the jobs on top of my list I thought it would be fun to take these shots of some of our prints:1) We love roses print 2) Love art print in red 3) Blossom olive Anyway I better get off the computer as I should be making dinner....

Pretend - print relisted

Pretend - print - by sweetwilliam on madeit (Australia) and on etsy. (world wide)