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Christmas a time of giving back

Sweet William is busy busy busy - we are making all our own Christmas gifts this year and it feels so liberating! We are determined NOT to go out and spend money on plastic junk for kids, friends and family that inevitably end up in the bin. We have thought about being more responsible in our gift giving this year. Why fill the pockets of the large conglomerate companies and land fill sites, when we can give hand made gifts, made with love and care? All the products we make are 100% handmade, using materials from thrift shops, second hand, pre loved, except for maybe the occasional new zip and paper for the printer. Let's also think about gifts that last a while - enough disposable living. The liberating part of it is knowing we wont be fighting for parking at the mall, fighting our way around the shops and fighting for the last object of desire on the shelf. No more fighting just home made peace! Make Lovely Not Waste! Gosh I think a need to go and find a flower after that speech…

to market to market

We had our first melbourne market, a small school market. We had awful weather - but it didn't rain...amazingly! Great fun was had by all and there are plans for many more markets in Melbourne, just a matter of finding the right one.

Etsy front page

Well we had a little dance around the living room for a couple of minutes when we discovered a "sweet william" item on the etsy front page. it was a sweeeeet moment - for sure - sadly it was an all to brief moment as the front page changes every hour and we must have caught the last five minutes! Anyway, still a proud moment - it was Paula's gorgeous spring blossom print that was featured.

Ornaments a making..

This little gem have been added to the etsy shop... she's based on the lovely illustration Paula did. I'v also joined a New Zealand ornament swap being hosted by Twenty cent mixture which im pretty excited about - a little parcel in the post is the best thing!