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Three Day Autumn Sale

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In the previous post I shared about being in a bit of a creative slump. I am going to carry on with sharing my un slumping story. Fresh flowers always pick up my mood and inspire me. I bought a bunch of Dahlias from our local corner shop and decided to work on some small compositions. I had a few 20x20 cm canvases in my studio which I painted in bright pink tones - trying to capture the ultra colour of the dahlias with a bit of fluro pink paint, creating backgrounds. Once they were dry I decided to fill in the negative spaces with a dove egg blue/grey sort of colour. I am quite pleased with the effect so far, almost abstract but enough form to suggest the flowers. This is still work in progress - I will get back to the paintings at some stage and finish them off but I have so enjoyed the process and am grateful to have my creative juices flowing again.

A slow start to my year.

I can't believe we are already in the third month of this year, my kids are at the end of their first term at school and I just haven't found my groove for 2015 yet... I have found myself in a bit of creative slump. I know it is pretty common to have creative slumps but I haven't had one go on for quite so long...anyway I have a plan to un slump myself; I have to push myself creatively. I have taken a few on line courses through which have been great and I have also forced myself to get away from the computer and into my studio. I have met up with a wonderful local artist who works from her home studio and we paint together. My plan is starting to work but I need a bit more time...which seems to be running away from me. When all else fails, I go in for a bit of retail therapy, I find fresh flowers and a new cushion for my home, always manages to make me feel a little brighter! Okay so even though it's already March - here's to a great 2015 everyone!