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procrastinating peonies

I had a million one one things to do today but I thought I would start with a peruse of the stalls at the lovely Camberwell Market. I was supposed to be buying Christmas gifts for others but I ended up with this beautiful vintage petticoat and a bunch of pink peonies for me! I had to take some photos as they are just too beautiful and I had to share the photos on the blog...oh dear as I was saying I have a million and one things to do today...

flicker fav's

Some of my current flicker favorites, for links to each shot click here.

lovely finds

I have been at it again -op shopping! I hadn't been in for a while and was most pleased with my finds today. A pile of vintage Christmas tags, 2 teaspoons, a beautiful tea cup and saucer, some doilies, two hand rose embroidered pillow cases and the best find - a miniature mosaic brooch from Italy! I am one happy lady : )

died and gone to heaven inspiration!

I am am constantly on the look out for new inspiration. I just love it when I stumble upon an artist and completely fall in love with their work. I am so grateful to the web that we can explore the work of so many artists any where in the world any time we please. Today, via the paumes edition website (amazing japanese books) I discovered Nathalie Lete, the images speak for themselves! Another link to more of her illustration work here

seven more sleeps!

As you may or may not know, this is a blog I share with my sister Paula, and although we live very many miles apart, the blog (and skype), help to keep us close. But nothing beats actually seeing each other and giving each other a great big hug, so I'm super excited to be flying over to Melbourne soon to do just that. My girls are coming with me to see their cousins and to have a little pre-Christmas Christmas and of course they are besides themselves too.
I caught Paula's little three year old on Skype yesterday morning and I asked her how many more sleeps till we visit - she replied with great certainty " 24 000". Thank goodness its not 24000 but only 7 - yipeeee!
The images are a little sneak peek at Christmas presents for nieces (shshhhh don't let on), I could not resist showing this cuteness off - the etsy seller is, a fantastic seller, she is super quick and everything arrives adorably packaged.

love hope peace

New cards available in our etsy store. Happy Friday to you all xxxx

day dream lily calendar giveaway

Over at the beautiful blog 'daydreamlily' we are giving away one of our calendars. Simply visit the blog post and leave a comment for a chance to win! OPEN to all readers, international too. A Winner will be chosen at random on Friday morning. Good Luck! : )

he flies with angels

As I have three little girls my work is very girly and I often have requests to do more boyish things. So at last I have had an inspirational break through boy moment and created this little fellow who's name is Milo, he will no doubt be accompanying Camille on her adventures. This print and others available in our etsy store. (and on madeit if you live in Aus) Hope every one is having a happy day.

mathilda's market illustration

The next market Jeanine and I are doing in Melbourne is Mathilda's Market on Sunday 22 Nov. at Hawthorn Town Hall, 9am until 1pm.They asked me to do some artwork for them, I had to interpret their name in my style of illustration. I had fun doing this and I may turn it into a print to sell, (with different words) I just need more hours in the day... This weekend we are taking our girls camping, which will be fun but I need to get on with all the packing! Happy Friday to you all. P xx

vintage inspiration

Oh I am having a bit of a bad day - the house is a mess and it is very hot here in Melbourne, the sort of heat that you just can't escape from. I was going to post some photo's of my messy house and entitle the post 'reality' but then I realised that no one really wants to see some one else's messy house. We look at magazines and creative blogs for inspiration to take us out of the sometimes dreary reality. So today the inspiration comes from this lovely etsy shop - spacejam. A wonderful collection of vintage goodies from Europe. Love those spotty tins. And now I am off to have an icy pole and tackle the washing!

352/365, 14/21

2/365, 14/21, originally uploaded by AlmostPhony. I recently saw the most amazing art movie called Beautiful Losers. I came away feeling completely inspired and wonderfully pleased that humans are so creative, it is a must for anyone interested in art and life. One of the artist featured in the film is Margaret Kilgallen, who tragically passed away in 2001 due to cancer. Her work is wonderful and I was pleased to find a collection of it over at flicker. We saw the film at Speakeasy cinema in Melbourne which was fantastic too!

My Place and Yours

I'v been wanting to play along with Meet Me at Mikes voyeuristic "My place and Yours" for a while now, and finely got a post in on time. The theme this week is from my bricole
I’m asking everyone to share her/his “secret weapon”. No deep dark secrets here, just something you keep close to your creative heart. It could be your fav crochet hook, or maybe your go to fabric shop, or even the perfect shade of red lipstick that makes your day. Whatever it is, it should something that you know you can go to in a pinch and it will never let you down.
Laughter has to be our weapon of choice and it meets all the above criteria for sure. Doing this crazy, creative gig with my sister and Jeanine - gosh, sometimes all we can do is laugh (the other alternative being to cry - and who wants to cry?) As Paula illustrated once, laughter is contagious, it disarms the tense moments and it brings joy into the mundane. I can always count on my sister to have some good (usually slightly in…

to market to market

I have just finished making this pretty paper bunting which we will be taking to Sisters Market tomorrow, the 7th of November at Brunswick Town Hall from 10 am until 4pm, pop in and say Hi if you are in the area. Otherwise Happy friday to you all. : )

house keeping

a tidy collection on my dresser

freshly laundered granny towels in the bathroom
a clean soap dish in the bathroom
Some things are too nice to be tidied away.
All of you out there who have young children at home will understand how keeping the house tidy can feel like swimming upstream - never getting anywhere. And anyway who wants to dust when there are so many more other wonderful and exciting things to do (like blogging) which are so tempting while the toddler sleeps?? Well my house had got to that stage where I could ignore it no more and so I spent HOURS cleaning and sorting out over the weekend. Amazingly it felt quite therapeutic and now I feel more ready to face the busy time that is about to hit with ballet concerts, school functions, house guests, markets and Christmas all coming up. I was so pleased with the results I decide to take a few shots (flicker) and I have to say I have a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and am pretty chuffed with my effort, well done me!! :)

yes please!

Just love the creativeness of domestic construction and their quirky, fun original things - I would love a set of the tea cup lights!