valentine inspiration

Well I am not sure about Valentine's day, it is a nice thought but hopefully we express our love for our lovies more than once a year! Anyway here is some inspiring imagery celebrating love.
My intricate heart illustration which is available as an art print in our etsy shop and madeit (AU), garden birds paper cut etsy, vintage letter etsy, hand and heart art print etsy, you are my sunshine image from rue magazine, pop flower brooch

Another little thing, I am soo excited as the Herald Sun Newspaper are doing a feature of me and my illustration work in their Home magazine - wahooo, that will be out tomorrow!
Happy weekend to you all! Paula xox


What a brooch AND it looked gorgeous!
Carousel Dreams said…
Hello there...I just read your feature in the Herald Sun and thought I would pop in here for a look - I love your whimsical art and your blog and am happy to be your new's always nice to meet new blog friends...congratulations on the article x
A delicate and beautiful heart.
I really love the other photos too. The model with the reddish hair is so pretty.

I come to your blog for a bit of happiness. You never disappoint.
thea said…
these are lovely!!! I've been painting gems over at spoonful... a peek:

hope you girls are both well.


Christen said…
Beautiful heart...heading over to check out your etsy shop!

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