magnolia square market and iphone apps!

My daughter Rosie - shot taken on iphone with hipstamatic app.
Kitchen stool - shot taken on iphone with hipstamatic app.
Me looking annoyed and in need of some botox or something or maybe just a glass of wine...
My husband, Pete, and I having fun with iphone and new app's
Flinders Street Melbourne - shot taken on iphone with hipstamatic app.
Me at Magnolia Square Market

I had a fantastic time at the Magnolia Square market in St. Kilda Town Hall. It was lovely to meet a few blog readers and returning customers, thanks for stopping by. Here are some shots of my stall at the market.

I had beautiful peonies on the stall table and when I got home I plonked them all down on my pink kitchen table, they looked so good I had to take a quick shot of them before they wilted.

Pete (my hubby) acquired a new iphone recently and we have had loads of fun with all the amazing app's that are out there. Hipstamatic turns your shots into retro film photo's - how cool! So I couldn't help posting a few of these shots as they just look so cool - even my plain kitchen stool looks cool as! Love the shot of my middle daughter - Rosie in pink. Lots of fun!


lovely market pics!! you really don't need botox - but wine would be lovely!
tammy said…
how fun. i love the hipstamatic app. the latest one i've been enjoying is "shake it" to mimic a polaroid :)
Erin Woodgate said…
that app is the only reason i want an iphone, but I have the holga and the polaroid cameras that they are imitating anyway, just gotta go to the effort to get the film :) your pics turned out great!
About me said…
laughed at botox comment and the peonies are lovely...made a pom pom hope you dont mind they looked so lovely at yours
still says about me how funny think I have changed it now

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