Joy to the world

Christmas is a special time, the kids are excited, everything is busy and generally everyone is making a bit of a fuss. Whether it be about gifts, or food, or celebrating, or family, or your beliefs, or all of the above - it is a special time. This past weekend we stayed home all Sunday and prepared our home for Christmas. It is also a sad time, my family are spread out all over the world and we lost our Mum in December, 5 years ago. I found making our home ready for Christmas very therapeutic and watching my kids decorate the tree made my heart sing. Here are some shots of how it all looks. Hope all your festivities and preparations are going well. Paula xox. p.s the gorgeous red paper pom poms and beautiful hand made paper wreath are by Sydney based paper artist Jo Neville.


How lovely! Love the joy banner you made. I'm sorry to hear about your mum ... but it really does look beautiful inside you home for Christmas :) I’m sure it will be a wonderful holiday for you all. Take care, Sarah
Sissy Sparrows said…
Our home sounds a little like yours :). Three little ones getting so excited about xmas, putting up the tree and decorating the was a countdown just to get to December let alone xmas day.

The kids and I made some of our own paper flowers this year....must say not as beautiful as your red ones....but still meaningful all the same. Happy Holidays.
knightlight said…
beautiful photos!!!! my friend was wondering what film and lense combination are you using? (just for personal use) xx

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