Art Collecting...

Artwork in our living room

A mixture of originals, vintage and prints

Artwork by Ali McNabney Stevens and Sweet William Prints
Sweet William prints

Slowly but surely we are putting our new home together, piece by piece. One of the things I love the most about our Edwardian home, is the height of the ceilings. While this gives our home a sense of grandeur and space, it has given us new challenges with regards to our art collection. Over the years we have picked up pieces of original artwork from places we have visited and from people that have inspired us. These pieces, mixed in with my artwork and the work of dear friends, has created a lovely eclectic art collection that we our proud of. While it would have been wonderful to have continued to fill our walls with original artwork, unfortunately our budget has not allowed for that! Therefore we were very pleased to come across these beautiful big vintage botanical prints from erstwhile and feel they have pulled together our collection beautifully in the lounge room. I am now on the lookout for more beautiful art prints that come in larger sizes and will continue to balance that with smaller original pieces. There are so many place to buy art from online, some of the sites I have found handy are: etsy, and Happy collecting everyone!

On that note, I have just listed two pieces of original artwork in my etsy shop. They are both acrylic on canvas and set in beautiful Tasmanian Oak box frames. You can view them here and here.


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