Our New Home in North Melbourne

Entrance way when we first bought our home.
Beautiful old red brick revealed under cracking plaster.
My girls outside our entrance.
We hired painters to help patch up walls and refresh the paint job.

We have wonderful Art Deco lead light windows.

As it looked when we bought it.
Beautiful textures on the old walls.
Original Edwardian tiles
The successful  auction day!
Move in day. 

Finding places for all our things in our new space.

After many happy years of living in semi-rural, beautiful Warrandyte (24 km east of Melbourne CBD see previous post here). Where our primary school aged kids benefitted from a tire swing in the yard and the Australian bush, we decided on a complete change. With our three girls growing up, recognising their need for independence and wanting to embrace all that Melbourne has to offer as one of the most 'livable cities in the world', we set our plan to move in, in motion.
We chose a very good co-ed state run high school and started looking for a family sized home in the zone. Not an easy task. We marched through poky, little dark houses, clambered up and down stairs of modern town houses. Sighed over beautiful homes way out of our price range and bumped shoulders with the throngs of eager buyers at live auctions. One Saturday morning, just as we walked away from another auction that we were unable to bid on, we discovered 'Milverton' on Errol Street. Being on a busy corner it was almost scratched from our inspection list but as we stepped into the entranceway, the busyness of the city subsided. The high ceilings and grand proportions of this crumbling, red brick Edwardian stopped us in our tracks. The traffic noise became a quiet hum and we found our inner city sanctuary.

Our new home is a work in progress, we plan to bring it back to it's former glory bit by bit. Although, actually, I think it is rather glorious just as it is.


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