Spring Cleaning

I am not the most organised person in the world and I have to admit, I quite like a bit of chaos. My home is lived in - there isn't a place for everything and everything isn't in it's place...But lately I find my self longing for a bit of simplicity, a bit of, dare I say it... organisation... I think the start of spring has bought on the urge to purge! I have started sorting out my studio, making big piles of things to chuck out, recycle, donate and it feels so good! Here are some pretty images of organised spaces that have been inspiring me. All links to these images can be found in my Pinterest boards. Happy Monday to you all, Paula x


found and sewn said…
great inspiration! I love having a sort out.
found and sewn said…
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What is it with spring and the urge to purge and renew? I've done the same. Purged loads and loads of stuff I've had for years.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful images - I too dream of order, but admit mine is like yours x

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